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29-Nov-2022Green synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles a flexible interface for biological environmental and catalytic applicationsMeghana Navada, KNagaraja, G K
10-Feb-2023Studies on fabrication characterization and optical properties of doped Chitosan and pullulan composite filmsPushparekhaSarojini, B K
5-Jul-2023Electroanalytical methodology for the determination of electroactive species using chemically modified carbon paste electrodePrinith Subbaiah, NManjunatha, J G
28-Sep-2022Development of sensitive and selective biosensors for electrochemical determination of biological molecules a cyclic voltammetric studyGirish TigariManjunatha, J
17-Oct-2022An Investigation on the adsorption characteristics of plant originated carbon on various dyesDeepa BasrurBalkrishna Kalluraya
24-Feb-2023Synthesis characterization and biological studies of some nitrogen and sulphur containing heterocyclesVinuta Vishnu KamatBoja Poojary
29-Nov-2022Synthesis of some novel N S containing heterocycles and their biological activitiesAparna, KBalakrishna Kalluraya
23-Sep-2022Evaluation of the hypoxia inducible factor 1and#945; and#946; protein heterodimerisation inhibition using low molecular weight compounds as lead moleculesJagadeesha, PChandrashekhar Joshi, G
22-Sep-2022Synthesis and studies on novel reagents for the spectrophotometric determination of some biologically significant metal ions and anionsGautham, B UNarayana, B
10-Feb-2023Synthetic and biological studies on some novel oxygen nitrogen and sulphur containing heterocyclic compoundsSoukhyarani Gopal NayakBoja Poojary


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