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Title: Synthesis and Charge Transport Study of poly o methyl aniline and poly o ethyl aniline
Keywords: Conducting polymers, Polyaniline, Chemical polymerization, FTIR, Variable range hopping
Guide(s): Dr. Atul Kapil
Registration Date: 12/01/2015
Abstract: newline Polymers, commonly known as plastics, are composed of simple repeating molecular units newlinecalled monomers. Recently, a new class of conducting polymers (CPs), sometimes called newlinesmart polymers, have shown different properties, as these are electrically conducting. These newlineconducting polymers are inherently conducting organic polymers in nature because of the newlinepresence of conjugated and#960; electrons. The highly extended and well aligned CPs chains newlineincrease the effective degree of electron delocalization between bonds in aromatic rings newlinewhich in turn enhances charge carrier mobility in polymeric structure. Thus it shows that the newlineconductivity is associated with the conjugation length. This means that each conjugation newlinebreaking defect could induce more charge localization and make charge transport more newlinedifficult. The conductivity in CPs go upto semiconductor or metal level depending upon newlinenumber of factors like doping concentration, oxidizing agent, reaction temperature etc. newlineAmong the conducting polymer family, polyaniline (PANI) and its derivatives are considered newlineto be best, overcoming the problem of insolubility and processibilty etc. In our research work, newlinewe shall synthesize poly(o-methylaniline) and poly(o-ethylaniline) by chemical oxidation newlinemethod. Polymers will be optimized w.r.t. dopant concentration and samples will be newlinecharacterized by UV-Visible, FTIR and XRD. Electrical characterization will be made along newlinewith temperature dependence of conductivity in order to explore the charge transport newlinebehaviour in CPs. The polymers will further be studied for humidity sensing properties. newline
Language: English
Appears in Department:School of Basic and Applied Sciences

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