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Keywords: Hyperthermia, Microwave Antenna, feed location, E-field, efficiency, Return loss, directivity, Radiation Pattern
Researcher: SETHI MINU
Registration Date: 25.01.2013
Abstract: Cancer is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. It is a major cause of death, and its incidence is increasing every day. Various methods and protocols are used which include chemotherapy, radiology, surgical removal of the tumor, etc. But these methods have many side effects that makes patient feel unbearable pain and inflict deep anxiety. Over the past decades, there is a struggle to discover new techniques to fight against cancer. Hyperthermia is an old therapy of treatment that gives new hope and which when combined with engineering techniques proves one of the best cancer treatment option. The critical element in hyperthermia system is an antenna whose performance determines the EM energy deposition into the tissue. Microwave ablation is a heating processes using microwave energy has a potential to be sensitive to change in the dielectric tissue parameters which results in damaging abnormal tissues. In order to produce heat in the focused area microwave signals are adjusted in time, frequency and strength. The commonly used frequencies in microwave imaging systems are 433MHz, 915MHz and 2.45GHz which are transmitted from the antennas enclosing the relevant body part. Enhancement of tumor temperature with EM energy is a complex task. The main objective of the research is to design, optimize, fabricate and compare different microwave antennas used in hyperthermia system. An antenna suffers much in terms of efficiency and matching, so there is a need for highly efficient antenna which provide more directivity and less return loss. Zealand Inc. s IE3D is a full wave electromagnetic simulator based on method of moments is used to perform all simulations. It gives high efficiency, high accuracy and low cost electromagnetic simulation tool on PCs with window based graphic interface. The design evaluation and analysis of feed point location, E-field, efficiency, directivity, frequency of operation, 2D and 3D radiation pattern are presented in this research. After designing and fabrication the performance of microwave antenna is measured and analyzed for different applicators used in hyperthermia system. newline
Language: English
Appears in Department:Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

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